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New 2010-2011 Rule Changes March 28, 2010

Posted by thenflnow in News.

1. You are not allowed to hit a running back full speed above the shoulders

2. If a ball carrier loses his helmet during a play the play is ruled dead. I remember this happened to Jason Witten one time except the play wasn’t called dead.

3. You have to be a certain distance away from the long snapper. If you are too close the play will be ruled dead.

4. In overtime during the post season only if a team kicks a field goal the game is NOT over. The opposing team gets a chance to tie the game with a field goal or win it with a TD. If any team scores a TD the game is automatically over. They don’t want another cheap win like the Saints and Vikings game.

During May the NFL owners will take a vote to see if this ovetime rule will apply for the regular season too. Give me your thoughts. Should this rule apply to the regular season? Comment below.



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